Association of West African Universities

Association of West Africa Universities

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Please provide the following information about your institution (application will only be processed on receipt of these information)

  • Background information about the institution
  • Officers of the institution administration
  • Members of the Governing council
  • Admission requirements
  • Names of colleges, faculties, Centre, departments and affiliated schools
  • Degrees and diplomas awarded
  • Information on the number of academic staff and their distribution
  • Library and library holdings
  • Student enrolment to include numbers and nationalities
  • Fees charged
  • Principal source of financing
  • List of collaborating universities

The following rates of annual subscription shall be levied and may be changed by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Executive Committee: 

(a) Universities or institutions of higher education with over 2,000 Students---------- US$2,000 

(b) Universities or institutions of higher education with less than 2,000 Students----- US$1,500 

(c) Associate members--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- US$1,000